According to my beloved grandmother, I was cooking over open flames at the tender age of 3!!!   Got my calling really early is one way to look at it or I simply just love to play with food. 

I’m often asked “What is Misha Cuisine?” The answer to that is pretty simple. Misha Cuisine is a fusion of flavors and cooking techniques from all the food I love. You borrow a little from every culture and make it your own…create your own cuisine. That is my motto and I offer this same cooking style to my friends, family and clients.

My cooking style is mostly influenced by ingredients from my homeland of Laos in Southeast Asia but ...they are just ingredients and does not define my abilities.  
I have an appreciation of food from all over the world, and you can see from my menu offerings that I prepare a broad variety of dishes that promise to satisfy any palate.

I love to have variety when I eat and who doesn’t? I try to give my clients the Restaurant experience at home. It is not uncommon for me to serve one Client with a steak and their spouse a plate of bolognese pasta at home. Yes, I like to make my job really complicated and my dishes are not always quick and easy but… I said, cooking is my passion and I don’t do anything half-ass.

My mission is to provide my Clients with healthy delicious meals, freshly made, with homemade flavors and the appeal of gourmet food, at an affordable price. I offer unique and varied meals, prepared with special attention to the smallest detail that makes a meal an experience to remember.

I’ve been cooking professionally for over 15 years, a member of American Culinary Federation, ServSafe Certified, fully licensed and insured.  One thing I can assure you about my services is…you are in very good hands!

Thank you for visiting my website!

Please contact me if you would like to taste some of Misha’s Cuisine.

Chef Misha


I love to Eat and I love Cats!   Hmmm...that doesn't sound right.  I don't eat cats!  Just love them dearly.  And I do love to cook!

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