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Oohs and Aahs from a few of our clients

Manisha, how can I thank you for the gift of your talent, your generosity, your thoughtfulness? The food that you prepared for my 70th birthday party was “beyond” any description. Your enthusiasm for making my party the best it could be was a great part of its success! We will long remember – and look forward to the next time! 
Judith Fullerton

Misha, you are truly gifted. Your food is out of this world. Don't change anything - you're my favorite restaurant (in the comfort of my home).
Maria Schultz



Misha - Words alone cannot express my appreciation and satisfaction for the wonderful and elegant dinner party you and your staff created for us. Food was amazing; ambiance and flowers..gorgeous. The next party is definitely going to be for a larger crowd. Hope you can accomodate us!
Gina & Adam Collins


Dear Manisha, our new best friend. 

Beth and I have eaten our share of Lemon Meringue pies in our lifetimes and we've enjoyed almost all of them. BUT!! YOURS was by far the best Lemon Meringue pie we have ever eaten and, that's no exaggeration. I've come to expect that the lemon filling in a pie is going to be gelatinous. Not yours. The filling was almost as light as the meringue and, not only was it light and creamy but, IT TASTED FANTASTIC!! Your Lemon Meringue pie is now the benchmark by which we judge all other Lemon Meringues. Thank you Very Much. The lemon pudding was good too but the pie was extraordinary. Please hurry and open a restaurant. We'll be your first and best customers. 
Cheers!  Beth and Gary Gilmore


I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your cooking demonstration. I learned so much and had such a good time. I want to do the same thing at my house in the near future. I've been wanting to learn how to cook Thai food for years, and you really showed us that it isn't too difficult. Thanks for your time and effort.
You are a gifted chef!!  

Best, Sharon Brand


I have been privileged to taste many of Misha's outstanding dishes. My mouth waters when I think of the many shrimp dishes she offers; fettuccine, spring rolls, scampi... Unbelievable! I have been served on a beautiful table, gorgeous flowers and place settings straight out of a gourmet magazine. I cannot say enough about the varied and delicious food Misha offers. Exquisite tastes, beautiful settings, outstanding ambiance.
Thank you, Misha, for some of the most memorable culinary moments of my life!
Paulette Bethel

Manisha is not just an amazing chef, she is an incredible host as well. I had the pleasure to sample many of her recipes and they are just incredible! Being an avid lover of Asian cuisine, I am impressed by the great balance of tradition and creativity Manisha brings into her dishes. I recommend Misha's Cuisine to everyone!
Sandra Misconi

Just wanted to say THANK you from the bottom of my heart. You are a TRUE CHEF and made the party what I wanted it to be - Classy and Delcious!  It is something that everyone will remember for years to come - especially the Birthday boy. I couldn't have done it without you. Love you. 


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